Big News! Gender Inclusive Cabins in 2018

Camp Highlight has decided to take steps forward to create a more inclusive camp for all campers. Historically, camps have alienated some campers and families by reinforcing social norms related to the binary idea of genders - that all people are either male or female - through seemingly uncontroversial practices like cabin assignments, cabin names, pronoun use, bathroom designations, and the age old camp practice of splitting up campers into groups of boys and girls. The Cam

Casino Fundraiser!

Place your bets! Our annual fundraiser is a casino themed masquerade party. Camp Highlight staff will be running games of chance while guests mix, mingle, and press their luck in costume! It's Vegas meets Halloween! No, the games do not pay out in real cash. But we are hoping to raise some real cash for our Campership Fund which is for LGBTQ families who need financial aid to send their children to Camp Highlight. Last year, a dozen young people benefited from the generosity