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The Intermission

The last few months have been difficult. The COVID-19 crisis has been challenging for the camping industry. How do we keep campers safe while making the best camp possible? We spent many weeks contacting experts and listening to medical professionals. After considering all options, we have determined that the best way to keep our campers and families safe is to suspend residential programs this summer for Camp Highlight and Highlight Leadership Academy.

This is not a cancellation. Camp Highlight is not just a week of camp - it’s a community. You can’t cancel a community! This is an Intermission. As in a show, the Intermission is a time to stretch, attend to needs, digest past experiences, and anticipate what exciting things are in store in the next act. This show is not over. Far from it. We are simply waiting for the curtain to rise again!

During the Intermission, Highlighters will be coming together in a series of planned online activities. Can you email a s’more? We’ll find out at our first ever Digital Campfire! Our campers have talent and they’ll be shining bright at our Online Talent Show where they can sing, dance, or perform for their camp friends. Campers will gather in Morning Meetings to discuss the Virtues of honesty, responsibility, and acceptance.

There has been so much loss and disappointment since this crisis began. We are sad that we won’t get to see our campers and staff in person. But we are excited about the opportunity we have to experience our community in a new way! When the Intermission is over, we’ll return to our show and resume providing a stellar residential camp experience for children of LGBTQ families.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones during this challenging time. We cannot wait for the next act!


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